My Book

Portada Elefantito

“The Lost Elephant” is a story for the little ones of the house. It is written in Spanish and English and it is a story about the value of obedience.

Obedience is a fundamental element in the psychosocial development of the child who needs to integrate into a society that has norms and to live in it must comply with them. Obedience is a virtue that is not in fashion today. It is wrongly presumed that being obedient supposes a lack of freedom and the reality is that both values ​​are interrelated. Therefore, the premise of the story is summarized in the phrase of the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre: “My freedom ends where that of others begins.” With this story, the importance of these two concepts is transmitted to the child: “obedience and freedom”.


This is my first children’s storybook. My two children were my inspiration and also two authors who from my childhood generated a deep love for Literature, they are the Nicaraguan Rubén Darío and the Venezuelan Aquiles Nazoa.

“As a writer and mother, I wish with this story to offer parents a tool for the noble task of educating our children in human values”.


Foto Elefante tomando solThe illustrator of the story is Hermann Medina. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela, studied Electronic Engineering in France. He worked in the Caracas Metro Company. Today he lives in Houston, Texas, and is dedicated to one of his passions: Art. The Lost Elephant is his first job as an illustrator of children’s stories. He joined this project because he faithfully believes in the importance of teaching human values ​​to children, to build a better world. To buy it online or in print you can access this link: Buy The Lost Elephant on Amazon

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