My grandfather’s tales

When I was little, my grandfather used to tell me about Giuseppe Garibaldi’s exploits, he told it with pride, admiration and with an enthusiasm that made me think that he had been there next to Garibaldi, riding a beautiful steed and fighting for the unification of Italy. With time and age, I realized that myContinue reading “My grandfather’s tales”

Stimulate culture in our children

By Maria Eugenia Fanti @marufanti Children have the ability to learn and internalize the knowledge of their environment very quickly; in this process parents play an important role. According to the Congress of brilliant minds of Madrid 80% of what children are learning happens in the house and not in school. The example of parents,Continue reading “Stimulate culture in our children”

Inspiring our Children

Communicating with our kids in a proper manner is a goal that does not escape from our list of how to be better parents. But we also have to remember a good example can define the course of their behavior to the rest of their lives. By Maria Eugenia Fanti @marufanti  Sometimes as parents weContinue reading “Inspiring our Children”

“El Elefantico Perdido”: New Spanish Book for kids

Do you want to practice Spanish with your children? Are you looking for a good book to read to them? We recommend you “El Elefantico Perdido” a children’s story that tries to transmit the virtue of obedience, understood as a principle of good conduct and a moral habit. Obedience is an essential element in theContinue reading ““El Elefantico Perdido”: New Spanish Book for kids”

The greatest of Latin America died: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“To old people I would say that death doesn’t arrive when they grow old, but with forgetfulness.”, Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote this sentence. Latin America and the world hardly forget the work of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982, which died on April 17th of 2014. He passes away at 87 years old.  ByContinue reading “The greatest of Latin America died: Gabriel Garcia Marquez”

Creative kids: born or made?

What is creativity and why is so important to have it nowadays? Why should we help our kids to be more creative? Did you know that we should allow them to get bored so they can develop their ability to be creative? By María Eugenia Fanti When we take time to appreciate some pieces of workContinue reading “Creative kids: born or made?”

The power of bilingualism

The knowledge of a second language is nowadays an important topic. Many scientists and psychologists study how speaking more than one language make children more intelligent and even help adults to prevent dementia and other symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.  by María Eugenia Fanti In the past century many educators and researchers considered a second language toContinue reading “The power of bilingualism”